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Slightly late in the new year’s resolution game, but I finally had the time to sit down and pen this out; and better late than never, so here goes.

Most people around me have been making fun of the connotation of new year’s resolution, with the #newyearnewme jokes, nothing less. However, I dare to admit that I am still a hopeless romantic for the new year. Because when there is a chance to start anew, why not grasp this opportunity and make the most out of it?

What I am going to share here is more of a theme I want to set for my new year as compared to the list of detailed resolutions (which I would scribble in my own notebook). This whole “motto as a new year’s resolution” is very much inspired by one of my favourite blogger (and very fortunately for me, my talent at work too), Careen in her advice on resolutions in the second issue of Crunch, which is Nuffnang’s monthly e-magazine. Commercial break: If you have not read it, read it now:

Last year, I set a word as a theme at the start of the year, which was “Leap”. In short, what that meant for me was to take bigger chances and step out my comfort zone to do things that I always wanted to do, but was scared to; and also to take the leap of faith and believe in myself as I go through each challenge or obstacle that comes my way without admitting defeat.

This year, I want to set a theme in continuation to that, which is Pushing Limits. The concept of it is pretty straightforward, but I’d like to further elaborate on why that is important to me, so in case at any time I feel like dropping it, I can come back here to remind myself of why I started out in the first place.

1. There is no better time than now.

Whenever we have a plan to do things, we often get stuck in the “I think I should do this” stage, where it never turns into action. Or even if it does, it is often taken too lightly and we give up once it gets difficult. The way I usually function is pretty typical. To which I start a project full of enthusiasm, and then slightly down the road, when it does not turn out the way I expect it to be, I get really frustrated and might even ditch the entire project in the fear of bigger disappointments and failure.

But this year, I want to try to push myself, to stick to my big plans and dreams. Because putting everything that I want to do on a waiting list just because it is too intimidating to start is not going to get me anywhere.

And as scary as it is, I will be turning 24 this year, which also means I am almost halfway into my 20s (I am still slightly in denial of this fact, because where did those 4 years go?!), and if I do not do it now, then when am I ever going to do it?

2. You grow the most when you are willing to push yourself.

It’s very comfortable to just settle. Be it doing the minimal at your job or choosing to skip a workout because you “just don’t feel like it”. Trust me, my brain can come up with a million excuses when it comes to choosing the easy route of things.

But deep down, I know, that we can only grow and flourish in the best way possible when we are willing to stretch our limits, no matter how reluctant we are at that moment.

It’s very normal for us to become complacent, especially when things seem “good enough”. But why choose to settle for something less of what your best potential is?

So this year, I want to push myself a little further, a little bit more, especially with my priorities like my work, health, and also creating content. I am indeed excited to see the most I can make out of these aspects of my life!

3. A little extra goes a long way.

One thing I want to remind myself in this new year is that incremental progress is so important. When we are learning or struggling with new challenges, we might want to strive to perfection or at least an ideal state. It’s great to strive for that, but it might also be demotivating if it seems almost impossible.

One good example is if you are just started to commit to waking up early, changing your alarm from 8am to 6am might be too difficult, that you will give up before you even start. But with slight tweaks like going to sleep half an hour earlier, to wake up half an hour earlier each day, and progressively increase till the desired time, will be a much effective approach. At least that is the case for me. For some people, you might prefer to just take the bullet and train their minds to go all or nothing. Whatever works for you!

This journey of pushing limits, be it through small details or making bigger things happen; is not going to be a breeze. I know how lazy or complacent I can be if I am not determined enough. I know that I will have times of weakness when I just want to choose comfort and settle for what is easy.

But I am trying my best to make this commitment to myself, that I will push my limits this year in all the things that matter to me.

It’s interesting to think about it… If each day we push ourselves to be a little bit better than the day before, at the end of the year, we get to be 365 times better when we first started. And don’t we all deserve a chance to see how what is the best version of ourselves we can become?

I am going to do this for me. Do this for you too.

With that being said, Let’s do this, 2018!


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