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The Happiness We Rob Away

Have you ever had one of those moments, when you are really happy, where you stop for a second and freaked out about how things have been too good to be true, and you fear it’s all going to be taken away?

You tell yourself that things are too good to be true, it does not even feel natural. You spend your time trying to dig into your happiness to locate problems that are barely there.

Why do we do that to ourselves?

Really, why do we have an innate belief that we are not worthy of happiness? Maybe somewhere in our twisted minds, we tell ourselves we should never even be experiencing such joy.

Perhaps, we are afraid when something is too good, it also indicates the heartbreak we will feel if we were to lose it. We fear that when this wonderful state of mind will be gone and we will be left with nothing but emptiness.

Whatever the reasons, whatever the hows and whys, we are our own enemy. We are the ones that rob ourselves of the happiness we deserve. We constantly search for happiness, but when we have it, we waste time worrying about losing it.

Maybe, once and for all, we need to accept happiness. It seems even comical to think that we need to accept happiness, because who in the world would reject something so wonderful? But we do it, time after time. We rob ourselves of the right to feel happy.

Stop for a moment and ask yourself, how many times have you pushed the people you love away because you were afraid of hurting them? How many times have you stopped yourself from doing the things you love because you are too afraid of failing? How many times have you held back when all you wanted to do was take the leap?

Think about it. How many times have you robbed yourself of your own happiness?  

Maybe, just maybe, we need to tell ourselves, it is okay. It is okay for us to be immensely happy. We need to learn, that despite our flaws and imperfections, despite the mistakes we made and the sins we commit, we still deserve all the happiness that comes our way. Each and every bit of it. 

And if you are still holding the fear of losing it all, ask yourself, how fortunate are we to ever have something that is worth losing? 


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