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Because darling, as bad as things can be, the beauty of dark days is the victory as you battle it all and come out stronger than ever before.

When you are drowning in the deep end of the water, feeling sucked into a vortex of dark days, it can get pretty scary.

You wonder how much time it takes, how many ranting sessions with your best friends, how many sad poems and songs, how many mornings when waking up is so dreadful and all you want to do is sleep, how many sessions of crying in anger and hopelessness…… How much it takes to be okay again.

But if you have survived through it and finally feel a little bit better, maybe not all at once, or you may never be 100% completely over it, it’s going to be worth it. The beauty in dark days is that very slowly, somehow, it will pass.

It feels like after a very bad nose block, and countless days of breathing through your mouth, you suddenly realize your nose is clear again.

It feels like after a power cut off, sitting in the crazy heat, sweating like a pig and being bitten by mosquitoes all over, and the lights and fan come back to life again.

It feels like after continuous sleep deprived nights of rushing an assignment, and the moment you pass it to your lecturer and you know a good sleep is waiting for you.

It feels like going underwater for a whole 3 minutes holding your breath, with a throbbing chest threatening to explode, and you finally come up for air.

And with that, you start to feel alright again.

Sure, there are no completely sunny days. The sun has to set each day anyway. But that’s the beauty of it all. Because after the dark, haunting night passes, what comes next is another beautiful sunrise.And it is a new day full of new chances to do it all over again. This is one of the reasons God gave us a limited 24 hours a day I guess? So we can start over, time after time.

And life is always going to be like that. With it highest highs, lowest lows, and everything else in between.

But think about it, how blessed are we, to be able to embark on our own stormy, rocky adventures, and proudly look back at how far we have each come.

If you are in the midst of dark days, I know telling you time will make everything better is not going to help, but I am telling you,  it is okay to feel helpless, it is okay to crawl into bed under your covers and wishing you can just sleep your days away.. But loves, hang in there just a lil bit more, you are in the progress of building a warrior inside of you.

If you are in the midst of your good days, stop fearing how things are too perfect, stop worrying what happens when you lose it all.. But rather, enjoy every moment of it, take it all in, and most importantly, acknowledge that this is all you, your own battles fought and won, and you deserve every second of it.

Because darling, as bad as things can be, the beauty of dark days is the victory as you battle it all and come out stronger than ever before.


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