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A lil' bit About Me:

I love working on branding & content strategies that can drive real impact on brands that I genuinely believe in.
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Oh Hi There, thank you for
dropping by to get to know me!

I am Emily, and I am a branding and marketing strategist for lifestyle & wellness brands with my core skills in copywriting.

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My Personal Work


Working with

brands and clients that I genuinely believe in.

Working with

clients that trust me enough to work collaboratively.

Working on projects that brings true impact towards the brand's objectives.

Some Non-Worky Fun Facts:

I am a Productivity Nerd.

I am an advocate of all things surrounding productivity to be more intentional with our time and energy. My dream is to build a community of productivity pals to journey with together!

I am a Penangite.

Despite leaving my hometown at 18, I am a proud Penangite who loves food with a passion and speaks fluent Hokkien. 

I co-own You Gut This.

My co-founder and I kickstarted this gut health business because of our shared frustrations with irritable tummies. Our core product is a Golden Latte Mix. Check us out on Instagram!

I am a Proud Plant Lady.

I love having plants around the house! I especially love sturdy, bigger leafy plants. They definitely make a house feel like a home.

I am a Homebody.

I enjoy staying in the comforts of my home and creating lil routines for myself. On my off days, I am either reorganising, cleaning or redecorating my space constantly.

I love Cooking & Baking.

From practical kitchen adventures of utilising the ingredients I have for a quick meal, to making kimchi or lemon bars, I enjoy making food for myself and the people I love.

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