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Hey you!

Thank you for dropping by this little space of mine. Because I believe you click on this page to know a little bit more about me, so here goes.

A little bit about Myself

I am emily (yes, I feel most well represented with the small “e” in front), born and raised in the beautiful island of Penang, and I later moved to Kampar to study my degree in Psychology, and here I am, working in KL in a social media advertising agency.

I enjoy doing chores (not the actual act of it but rather the result it brings) and constantly having home improvement projects going on, because I love that feeling of having an immaculate and cosy space of mine in which I can fully indulge in.

When I am not busy doing that, I love watching sitcoms to unwind, baking, cooking and feeding the people I love (including myself :p), and I have a weird obsession with planning schedules and making lists by writing them down meticulously.

I have an equal love for coffee and tea, and sometimes I enjoy the routine of preparing it more than the actual drink itself. Also, coffee makes me super chatty and makes me feel motivated and bring out ideas that I never knew I had. So a tip to you, if you would like to get to know me true and true, feed me coffee.

The thing about Writing

To be honest, I cannot remember how writing came about for me. But since I was in primary school, around 11 or 12, I remember scribbling short stories on notepad paper, stapling them together to make a “book”, and forcing my family members to read it.

Ever since then, I never really stopped writing. From creating my own Blogspot account and typing posts about daily happenings on my family desktop computer (the kind with huge CPUs and the kind of internet that cuts off your phone line to connect), to writing cheesy poems about the boys I had crushes on during math class (sorry, mum!), all the way until now, writing has always been my thing. And I truly hope, it will always be my thing as long as I exist.

My greatest passion is writing about self-development topics by sharing some of my personal ups and downs. With that, I hope I am able to make people who are going through the same things feel less alone, and even better, bring some new insights along the way.

I have done writing projects ranging from website copywriting, article writing, social media content creation and creating business profiles in a few notable industries, such as property developers and agents, coffee roasters, data science etc.

I am pushing myself to learn as much as possible in writing as well as venture into various forms of content creation. If not now, then when, right?

If you are interested to collaborate in any way, or if you would like to just discuss various topics over a cup of coffee or tea, do drop me an email at and I will be more than happy to be in touch.


With Love,