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Journey in 2017: Starting a Gratitude Journal


Hey folks! Hope your 2017 is starting out with a bang! However, if it is not, don’t worry, January sometimes disappoints because we tend to set crazy impossible goals we want to achieve at the start of the year, wishing things would miraculously switch for the better. If you are feeling stressed out or overwhelmed, hang in there, look at the bright side, and continue working towards your new year’s resolution. I am sure you will do great.

In 2017, I have made a commitment to focus on the bright side of things by starting a daily gratitude journal. Basically, I incorporated a daily routine to jot down all the things that I am grateful for or what makes me happy.

So far, I find it very soothing and comforting. One month through this journey (and I sure hope I can continue it all through 2017, or even in the years to come), I have become an advocate, and that is why I am sharing this journey with you. Read on to know why keeping a Gratitude Journal changed my life and how it can change yours too.

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Why I Do Not Believe In The Quest To Find Yourself

quest to find yourselfI have heard so many people around me say something along these lines, “I am going to travel the world so I can find myself” or “I don’t know what I want to do, I am still finding myself”. There are so many articles out there giving advice to people in their twenties on how to find themselves. Travel alone to a faraway place, take a gap year, explore different things, meet new people and the list goes on.

We overemphasise on the process of finding ourselves because we believe that once we actually do, we will be happy and contented. We will wake up each day doing the things we love. We will be fulfilled at our careers. We will be in a state of comfort and stability. Right now, things are not working out because we have not found ourselves.

I hate to sound so harsh, but honestly, I feel that all of this is crap.

Before you think I am being mean or am out to rebel against the norm, please hear me out first.

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