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Slightly late in the new year’s resolution game, but I finally had the time to sit down and pen this out; and better late than never, so here goes.

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If You Do Not Know What You Want In Life, It’s Okay

if you do not know what you want

Honesty time. I often automatically compare myself to my peers. It’s hard not to sometimes, when you see people around you doing so well, working in high paying dream jobs, creating businesses on their own, living out a house that shouts #roomgoals and having what seems to be picture perfect relationships. And then there’s you. Somewhat lost, somewhere in between feeling like a little kid but trying to fake it as an adult who got their shit together.

It’s daunting because you feel you should have your life figured out since you have already graduated from college or university, and you always expect yourself to be working in your dream job, living the life you always wanted. But turns out you are lost, unsure of what you want. You even dread the question, “where do you see yourself in the next 5 or 10 years?” Because no, you do not even know where you will be next month, what more about 5 years into the future?

If you are freaking out about not knowing what you want in life, take a deep breath, and read on to know why it’s perfectly okay.

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Journey in 2017: Making In-Between Time Productive

in-between time

Introduction: I have committed myself to create a “journey in 2017” post at the end of each month throughout this year. This collection of content is to share my journey of trying different things that are aimed to contribute to my wellness and lifestyle as a whole. It can be something small or big, I am just challenging myself to be conscious and aware of the new things I am trying out.

Before I dive into the content of this post, I would first like to explain what I mean by “in-between time”. This time refers to the time in between important routines or tasks, such as time while driving to and fro from work, time used for taking a short break from your tasks, time while waiting for your next appointment, or even while commuting and travelling.

If you know me personally, you know that I love to schedule and plan excessively. Even when I have a free day, or am on a vacation, I still like to plan out what I want to do. I am not one of those people who can just laze in bed without any plans on the weekends. Even if I want to wind down, I set time to read, watch a movie or hang out with friends. (Some people call this borderline crazy/obsessive, but I can’t help myself)

I cannot bear to accept the fact that so much time is wasted on in-between time. I get agitated and frustrated when I realise I did nothing on a 2-hour plane ride or that 20 minutes I spent waiting for my friends to get ready.

So I decide to take up the quest to fill up these in-between time with productivity. No matter how small the task is, it gives me a sense of comfort knowing that I did not just sit there doing nothing. Oh and to clarify, scrolling social media is NOT considered as productive. Even a nap is more productive than that, as at least I am getting some rest instead of mindlessly scrolling.

So here are some time fillers I have tried out to make my in-between time slightly more productive.

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Personal Sharing: Letter to my Past Self

letter to my past self

Sometimes, I wish I could pay a visit to my past or future self, to cheer myself on or to see if the decisions I make in the present are right for my future.

Unfortunately, at least right now (you never know, with technology moving so fast), we are unable to do so.

But there is a way to communicate with your past self and future self, that is through letters. I have heard about this concept for quite awhile but never actually did it. Until my favorite lecturer in Uni asked us to do so on the last day of class in my second last semester.

It was a random act; he asked us to write a letter to ourselves, five years back (which was when I was about 16 since I wrote the letter in 2015 when I was 21). The most interesting part was, he collected it, kept all our letters in envelopes with our home addresses, and only sent it back to us this year. So most of us have already nearly forgotten this letter altogether.

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Setting New Year’s Resolutions & Sticking To It All Through 2017


It has come to the last two days of 2016. If you have not done the things you have set out to do by this year, I guess it is a little too late now. But it’s alright, as the cliche saying goes, “new year, a new chance at starting over,” so now it’s time to focus on what you want to get done in 2017.

As much as I had my fair share of failed plans and resolutions that I set out to do each start of the year, there are also quite a few that I managed to accomplish and stick through all year long.

Same goes for you; I am sure there is at least one thing on your list of resolutions you managed to get done or get started on (if there is none, perhaps it is because you have set unrealistic goals that need to be adjusted instead of beating yourself over it).

Hence, even though many people are giving up on the entire idea of setting resolutions because they deem them to be unnecessary and impossible, the optimist in me is still hopeful about establishing my very own set of resolutions and set out to try to fulfill them.

If you are on the brink of losing hope on making resolutions, I am here to cheer you on and perhaps share some tips, while reminding myself as well, to stick to our new year’s resolution all till the end of 2017.

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4 Practical Ways to Overcome Loss of Motivation at Work


“Starting is easy, persistence is an art.”

Do you remember when you first started working in a new job?

You wake up early each day excited to get to work, looking forward to learning new things and facing new challenges. You are even willing to work long hours and on weekends because you are hooked on that sense of accomplishment and the drive for productivity.

Personally, this is one of my favourite feelings. I love entering the flow, being completely engrossed in work, ticking off all the tasks on my checklist and gaining achievement at the end of each project.

However, let’s face it. We are all human. As time goes by, it can be tiring. It can get demotivating when you are trying hard, but you cannot seem to meet your boss’ or even your expectations. You may feel stuck in a rut without a sense of direction on what else you can do. You may also feel that you are getting a little frustrated at your daily tasks, and you find yourself complaining a lot about work and dreading Mondays.

Before you beat yourself up for losing motivation, do not feel too bad. Everyone goes through these fluctuations of motivation in their work, even if they are doing what they love or working in a company they always dreamed about.

But if you want to get back into the same feeling you had about your work and stop feeling demotivated and uninspired, here is what you can do.

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Having A Bad Day? Feeling lost and uninspired? This one is for you.


We all have experienced bad days. From the simplest notion of waking up late and rushing to work, to feeling stuck and unsure how to complete your work with your deadlines around the corner, we can get drawn into the vortex of feeling down and frustrated on certain days.
Honestly, I like to pride myself as someone who is very determined and self-motivated, especially when it comes to work. No matter how difficult the task is, I tend to stress out for a bit, or even take a few breaks, but I will still force myself to sit in front of my laptop together with my pen and notebook and start getting things done.

However, the last few weeks I have been feeling less productive, sluggish, and naturally frustrated at myself. I am not even sure what are the triggers or occasion that cause these continuous bad days. I often doubt myself when it comes to work, not sure if I was doing the right thing, facing frequent creative block when I try to get work done, and ultimately not feeling my best.

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