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city lights - emilygohI did not mean to fall in love with the city. But I left a part of me with the mesmerising city lights. 

It has been about a year ago since I left the city.

I hated my small tiny matchbox rented room, I hated the shared dirty bathroom, I hated the traffic at peak hours, I missed my island, I missed my home. I missed my freedom to talk on the phone without my housemates putting up warning notes.

But I fell in love with my job, the new people I met, the adventure of doing an internship in the city away from home, but most of all, I fell in love with the majestic buildings and the city lights that shine throughout the night.


Have you ever go to a temporary place, and when you leave, you do not only leave the place, but also leave a certain part of yourself, a version of yourself you can never really get back? Because I did.

I am not saying that it was better for me at that time. I have grown so much in this year and I am so grateful and glad to be where I am now.

However, it was a good summer.

Goodbye, summer in the city. Goodbye, that version of emily.

Here is to making more memories, with each step of my journey.

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  1. Chocolate buns Chocolate buns

    Well, I am glad you enjoy your time spent in KL. Maybe KL is you ‘Hygge’. Its a Danish word to describe the coziness of the soul. I am happy you found your hygge. Keep writing more articles like this!

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